Orthodontist Laguna Niguel

Orthodontist Laguna NiguelIf biting becomes difficult, that can indicate a problem with the jaw or structure of your teeth.  These are frequent issues that fall under the scope of orthodontics.  The dentists at Dana Point Dental specialize in providing first-rate orthodontics care in Laguna Niguel.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that addresses concerns around the alignment, bite, and structure of the teeth.  An orthodontist can be your ally if you are experiencing dental issues that may stem from these areas.  Laguna Niguel Orthodontists Dr. Cifarelli and Dr. Larijani can provide effective solutions through their unparalleled expertise in orthodontics.

If the teeth are incorrectly aligned, Braces can be applied as a viable solution.  These appliances consist of durable metals that apply force to move your teeth into their correct positions.  This is accomplished when the arch wire applies pressure on the brackets and teeth.  This continuous pressure allows the teeth to shift over time.   The compression of the periodontal membrane allows your teeth to loosen, which causes their movement.

For the most effective results, braces may require additional maintenance to ensure their effectiveness.  Certain areas of the teeth may have to be protected from chewing or brushing.  Our doctors will detail the specific procedures you must follow for your case.  If the correct follow-up maintenance plan has been thoroughly followed, you can enjoy a renewed smile that will complement your confidence.

The team at Dana Point Dental can meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.  If you need an orthodontist in Laguna Niguel, please call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation!